Stacey Caskey is an outstanding teacher, student advocate, and has a strong understanding of the need for developmental foundations upon which academic achievement is built. A vote for her as a member of the Henderson County School Board is a vote for ALL students in the school system!!! — Carol Pickett Ray

Love this woman! She cares so much about students and education. Couldn’t think of a more lovely person to speak on behalf students, parents, and the public. 💕 — Britton Frost

An individual who truly cares about the collective good of education in Henderson County. A more than qualified candidate that has the potential to bring change. — Preston Blakey

Stacey was one of the most important educators in my son’s life. She is the reason he is successfully studying Engineering as a sophomore at UNCC and why he is well adjusted. Henderson County would greatly benefit from her leadership.LeNoir Medlock

A vote for Stacey Caskey to continue her contributions to public education as she serves on the Henderson County School Board is a statement of your support of excellence in the school district! She brings successful experience in public education as well as business expertise to this position and will be dedicated to providing the best possible teaching and learning environment for all involved with Henderson County Schools! — Charlotte Moore