I am Officially a Candidate!

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On Friday afternoon, accompanied by my family and friends, I visited the Board of Elections and officially became a candidate for a seat on the Henderson County School Board! I also received my first campaign donation, as well! Afterwards, we went to Sanctuary Brewing Company in downtown Hendersonville and celebrated…

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Get Government Out Of The Classroom

stacey caskey

We need to reduce the amount of testing that we are subjecting our K-3 students to. You might ask, why are we constantly, relentlessly pulling our youngest children out of the classroom and giving them standardized test after standardized test? Why are we creating test anxiety for students as early…

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Sheriff’s Candidates Address School Safety

At last night’s GOP sheriff candidate forum, the topic of school safety was addressed by each candidate. It was heartening to see that the topic of student safety and incident response was on so many minds, and that both candidates were applying thoughtful and actionable approaches to the problem. Charlie…

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