Get Government Out Of The Classroom

stacey caskey

We need to reduce the amount of testing that we are subjecting our K-3 students to.

You might ask, why are we constantly, relentlessly pulling our youngest children out of the classroom and giving them standardized test after standardized test? Why are we creating test anxiety for students as early as the first grade? What does that do for us? You’d be right to ask these questions because the answer is — nothing. There is no advantage. This is a function of government overreach, of our school board officials not trusting our teachers to do their jobs in the classroom. This top-down, administratively-heavy approach doesn’t work for teaching our students. We need a bottom-up approach, where we trust our teachers, allowing them to apply their knowledge and assess students. They know who needs extra help and who doesn’t. They know who is reaching benchmarks because they know the curriculum. We need to stop forcing locally-mandated, nonsensical testing down their throats.

We need to keep out-of-touch government officials from traumatizing our youngest students. It has to stop.

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