A Career Center In The Stillwell Building

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Career guidance is incredibly important, and students don’t receive enough of it. There has been a lot of discussion lately about what to do about the historic Stillwell Building.

One of my proposals is that we make that soon-to-be-vacant building, which is located on the campus of Hendersonville High School, into a Career Center that will be used by all Henderson County Schools. Our outstanding, hard-working high school counselors can spend part of their day at the Career Center, meeting with juniors and seniors, giving them proper guidance for college and vocational careers. This would be a fiscally responsible way to preserve that building, while offering our young men and women an impactful, potentially life-changing educational service.

stillwell building

I envision a working building where — in addition to professional guidance counselors — community-minded professionals and tradespeople would volunteer a couple of days a month to run workshops for our students. Henderson County has more community-minded folks than anywhere else in the state.

The preservation of the Stillwell Building is important to the people of Hendersonville, especially to the graduates of HHS — and what better way to honor the past than to invest in the future of our children?

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